Executive Board


Robert and Kathy Hamera, Co-Presidents

Margaret Auten, President-Elect

Karen B. Holtzman, Secretary

Susan Wolfe, Assistant Secretary

John Decker, Treasurer

Gary Chrisman, Assistant Treasurer

Standing Committees

Audit - William Minsker, Chair

Budget - John Decker, Chair

Community Services - Mary Ickes, Susan Wolfe, Co-Chairs

Constitution and ByLaws - Shirley Longnaker, Maryann Coffman, Co-Chairs

Education Support - Jean Hynicker, Scholarship Chair; Susan Wolfe, Grants Chair; Bob and Kathy Hamera, Lauretta Woodson Co-Chairs

Legislative - Don Steinmeier, Chair

L/PEC - Mildred Keefer, Chair

Member Benefits - Joann Rohland

Membership - Brenda Pogue, Chair

Member Recruitment - Vacant

Necrology - Dorothy Fisher, Chair

Newsletter - Carol Cranford, Chair

Nominating - Sandy Novotni, Chair

PR - John Decker, Chair

Retirement - Donna Plummer, Nadine Espenshade, Co-Chairs

Resolutions - Linda Cummings, Chair

SS/MH - Janetlee Oxenford, Chair

Recreo - Sandy Novotni and Ethel Dundore, Co-Chairs, Barbara Blackford, Janice Culton and Dot Fisher 

School District Representatives

CAIU - Linda Cummings

Central Dauphin - Janice Culton and Dorothy Fisher

DCTS - Gail Bishop

Derry Twp - Margaret Auten and Joyce Miller


Halifax - Vacant

Harrisburg City - Maryann Coffman, Desiree Fletcher, Sandra Novotni and Shirley McLaren

Lower Dauphin - Nadine Espenshade, Jean Hynicker, Bill Minsker and Donna Plummer

Middletown - Ray Thompson

Millersburg - Jane Batzel

Steelton Highspire - Mary Lou Kepner and Janetlee Oxenford

Susquehanna Township - Marlene Popnick and Rosemary Ruhl

Upper Dauphin - Eloise Laskowski